WHAT IS Telemedrev?

Telemedrev is a Healthcare Services company that will provide the backbone for Patients to receive quality care at reasonable costs.


Access to best medical expertise from across the world

Cost Effective

Reduce cost of Healthcare delivery to a patient by making it more accessible and effective

Innovator in healthcare delivery

Increase use of technology to integrate touch points between Patient / Physician to improve patient outcomes

For Patients:

  • Improved access to physicians
  • Less travel time with decreased stress.
  • Decreased cost of hospitalization and accommodation.
  • Less time lost from work.
  • Intuitive system access and improved scheduling.

For Consultant Physicians and Specialists:

  • Decreased need for travel; increased safety.
  • Platform delivers highly efficient data points for optimal diagnosis
  • Optimized professional time; potential for increased productivity.
  • Collaborative opportunities for peer review and educational purposes.
  • Less complicated back-office work since handled by professionals.

For Healthcare providers &Other Stake holders.

  • Optimizes the workflow and provides competitive edge through key analytics data.
  • Speedup medical process and provide more efficient service to patients.
  • Reduce unnecessary referrals and wait time.
  • Expanded networking opportunities for all participants.


Remote Monitoring

  •  WearablesMontoring
  •  Patient Monitoring Devices

IT Consulting &Support Services

  •  Clinic in a Box”
  •  Call Center
  •  Shared Services
  •  Billing & Coding
  •  Application Hosting & Support
  •  Healthcare Analytics


  •  TeleRadiology,
  •  TelePathology
  •  TelePsychiatry
  •  TeleEducation
  •  TeleCardiology
  •  TeleDermatology

Clinic in a Box


Enable a “single physician clinic” to function like a Multiservice Hospital without the patient having to consult another doctor

Orion - Telehealth Platform

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